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The body has more elbows/

07 July - 21 February 2011
Opening hour: 18h30

The body has more elbows Paula Rego - Mothers and Daughters, 1995, Collection Paula Rego loan for use to Fundação Paula Rego/Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais

The title of the exhibition The body has more elbows is taken from a remark made by the artist which describes the exacting task of working with a model and how through the representation of the body and the model's dynamic presence in the composition, the story starts to take shape.

The common thread running through the works in this exhibition is this demanding act of looking closely at another and observing the line as it pins down both the reality and the fiction, be it in a body cut up by the focus of the drawing, or placed in space in relation to others. The medium which feeds this process is drawing and through that come the etchings.

This exhibition brings together hundreds of works and leads the visitor to the Oratory, where a new element is introduced to the composition: sculptures in cloth and plastic, removed from their role as models and introduced as three-dimensional objects in a constructed space.

Some emblematic works can be highlighted along the exhibition, such as Love, Among Women, Angel, the Mercy and Life Cycle of the Virgin Mary series, all by Paula Rego, but also Place by Victor Willing, her late husband, who died at the end of the 1980s, and whose memory of the painted space Paula Rego has inhabited with her stories. This exhibition is curated by Ana Ruivo, consultant at the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego.



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