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Bruno Pacheco - Mar e Campo em três momentos/

  • 1 March - 8 April
  • 13 April - 13 May
  • 18 May - 24 June

First part opening: 1 March at 6.30 pm

Imagem Bruno Pacheco Mar e CampoBruno Pacheco - Meeting Point, 2011, pormenor - © Teresa Santos/Pedro Tropa

An exhibition marking a new period in the museum programme in which artist spaces are constructed that allow visitors to examine some of the core thematic and narrative issues at work in Paula Rego's art from a problematic and updated perspective. Bruno Pacheco's project for the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, which consists mostly of large-scale figurative paintings, drawings and objects, develops powerful visual narratives which question the patterns of representation in contemporary art.

By focusing on three moments in the artist's exhibiting career, the intention is to mark the memory of the development of her work via three presentations which while different, featuring separate themes and work, come together through the exhibition's single unifying thread.

Bruno Pacheco (b. 1974) was chosen to begin this new series of exhibitions because he is ideally suited for this dialogue, above all due to the work he has developed in drawing and painting, both in Lisbon and London, where he lives and regularly exhibits. The exhibition is curated by Helena Freitas.
The exhibition catalogue will be launched at a date to be announced.