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Mattia Denisse/

Mattia Denisse

Curator: Catarina Alfaro
29 September to 13 November 2016
Exhibition prolonged until 27th of November 2016

DUPLO VÊ is at once the extended name for the letter W in Portuguese, and also alludes to the 'double vision' of a cross-eyed god. Taking the idea of a 'divine eye impairment' as his starting point, Denisse looks at the enigma involved in understanding the world: are things simply the way that they are (regardless of how we see them), or is reality infinitely intangible and mysterious?

His 'asymptotic' stories - which are told  through drawings a set of 257 drawings arranged across 18 tables, made in a variety of styles, from figuration to schematic simplification -  co-exist and are displayed alongside one another, albeit with differing degrees of closeness. Yet they do, in fact, make reference to one another, despite the apparent lack of any logical sequence. Duplo Vê (2016) - a series of drawings created especially for this exhibition - is like a final chapter that brings all of the narrative threads back together again, weaving them into their essential form.


duplo vEnsaio sobre o estrabismo de Deus. De Dyeu: ∀

These stories, stemming from quite different origins and never merging, nonetheless end up seeping into one another, thus opening up the possibility of a narrative that is largely driven by the artist himself, represented with and through his double (doublé). This imaginative projection creates a somewhat ghostly and changeable character at the heart of the narrative, who takes on myriad points of view in different stories. There is the erudite visiting lecturer on the cusp of revealing the meaning of the universe to the primitive savage, the chess player, the writer and the geographer, to name but a few. The double simply reflects the idea that cuts across the whole exhibition: the apparent duplication of reality.