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Paula Rego: Looking in/

Paula Rego: Looking in

11 july 2019 - 27 november 2019

Although Paula Rego had produced some prints between 1952 and 1956, while still a young student at the Slade School of Fine Art, it was only from the late 1980s onwards that she began to engage consistently in this practice which, besides drypoint, etching and aquatint, also includes lithography. While, in her painting, the artist produces narratives that do not become exhausted in just one single work, the use of engraving techniques enables her to multiply stories through the development of thematic series, intensifying all of their narrative sense through duplications and intersections of images. The narrative deviations that she attempts in the preparatory drawings anticipating the final work (which is generally painted) or in the drawings that she engraves on the lithographic stone or the zinc plate are also the vivid register of the exploratory possibilities and variations in the images of her work, where drawing, painting and engraving are regarded as complementary processes.

This exhibition brings together a significant part of the artist's graphic work, some preparatory drawings conceived for the execution of her engravings and some copper plates on which the engraving process was performed, as well as including her more recent and lesser known engraving works.

Curatorship: Catarina Alfaro