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A Dama Pé-de-Cabra/

Paula Rego  -  Adriana Molder
A Dama Pé-de-Cabra

Catálogo Dama Pé-de-CabraDonald Kuspit, Helena de Freitas

The catalogue of the exhibition A Dama Pé-de-Cabra (The Goat-Footed Lady) which was held at the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego between 7 July and 28 October 2012 involved a new chapter of work by the artists Paula Rego (b.1935) and Adriana Molder (b.1975). Their work was specifically conceived for this exhibition and inspired upon the historical tale by Alexandre Herculano called A Dama Pé-de-Cabra - Romance de um Jogral (The Goat-Footed Lady - Romance of a Minstrel).

Apart from containing illustrations of all the work in the exhibition, the catalogue also includes photographs of the exhibition itself as well as photographs of the 'making-of' in the artists' studios. Moreover, the catalogue gives the artists' biographies and lists of their exhibitions and the collections in which we may find their work.

Bilingual edition (Portuguese and English)
Design: Filipe Silva

Published: 2013
Pages: 156
Size: 250 x 200 mm
ISBN: 978-989-96857-7-2