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Tuesday to Sunday: 10am/6pm
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In July, Casa das Histórias offers more cinema at the auditorium. On Saturdays, the return of the Animated Sessions, and the continuation of the series of documentaries about artists. On Sundays, several sessions of Meeting Paula Rego, with the documentary The SouthBank Show: Paula Rego.

Animated Sessions
Award-winners Monstra
Lisbon Animated Film Festival

8 short-lenght films
Several nac., 2007-09, total dur. 71'

Imagem Branca de neve

The Animated Sessions return to the most important animated film festivals, this time in association with Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival. Born in 2000, Monstra is currently an important reference in the national and international level, promoting the interchange and dialogue between films, professionals, students, as well as general audiences. Celebrating artistic transversality, the festival offers competitive and non-competitive screenings, masterclasses, exhibitions and workshops. The programme now presented is a selection of the award-winners from this year's edition. For the whole family.

Der Da Vinci Timecode
Germany, 2009, 3'
Gil Alkabetz
Special Jury's Prize
One picture is taken apart in order to create an animated film from its fragments. Different parts of this one picture, based on similar forms, allow us to discover secret movements. The people in the picture eat, dance, discuss and argue, until finally all are silenced.

French Roast
France, 2008, 8' 15"
Fabrice O. Joubert
Onda Curta Awards
In a fancy Parisian Café, na uptight businessman is about to pay the check when he realizes that he's lost his wallet. To save time he decides to order more coffee… French Roast is a character driven short animated film about deceptive appearances. Without any dialogue, the story is told through character animation, music and sound.

Portugal, 2007, 11'
Zepe (José Pedro Cavalheiro)
Best Portuguese Short Film
Cândido has never loved. Manipulation is his favourite game.

Never drive a car when you're dead
Germany, 2009, 10'
Gregor Dashuber
Best Student Film
The awkward hero stumbles over a long forgotten piano. Music leads him from his rund existence out into the city life. He then plays a last funeral march to all the deadbeat figures on the sidewalk.

Divers in The Rain

Estónia, 2009, 24'
Priit Pärn e Olga Pärn
Grand Prize RTP 2 | MONSTRA 2010 for Best Short/ Best Soundtrack
This a story about an everyday diver and a night dentist. Their kisses are always goodbye kisses. He is a diver and has to dive. She is tired and has to sleep. But there is no silent place in her dreams. And a big ship is sinling slowly in the rain. Nobody knows when there is time for the last cigarettes.

The Great Task of Mr. Poulet
Portugal, 2009, 0'50''
Andreia Costa
Best Portuguese Student Film
An eventful workday for a gentleman with great responsibilities.

Joseph's Snails

France, 2009, 12'
Sophie Roze
Best Film for Young Audience
Joseph is a shy, introverted little boy who collects snails. One day he gets swallowed up by his own tummy-button and discovers the disturbing world of the "nacel-gazers", people who, by only communicating with their navel, curl in on themselves and turn into snails…

Log Jam
Hungary, 2008, 2'
Alexey Alexeev
Best TV Series
Three animals are playing music until being interrupyted by a hunter with his dog…



Series of Documentaries about artists
Various perspectives on the artistic process through a multiplicity of portraits: from the words of the artists and curators to the images of the working process, from the studio to the museUm, from the preparation of the exhibition room to the reaction of the public. Continuing to feature in the programming of the Casa das Histórias, films that will premiere a closer contact with this genre of documentary and the careers of the artists portrayed. This month, two films by Luís Alves de Matos, who will be present on the first screening for a conversation about the films.

Saturday, July 17th, 5 pm
Blind Runner - An Artist Under Surveillance [João Louro]
by Luís Alves de Matos.
Portugal, 2007. 58'

Blind Runner

In this film an artist is under 24-hour surveillance. Through a continuous circulation of images and sounds, the spectator becomes an accomplice and witness to all his movements. During this process we ask ourselves not only why we are following the artist in this way but also about the meaning and the nature of his work.

Saturday, July 24th, 5 pm

João Penalva - Character and Player
by Luís Alves de Matos.
Portugal, 2001. 54'

Imagem 3 Julho

This documentary shows a wide image of the artist's work through the approch of several significant works he made in the last years such as: Wallenda (1997-98), Viúva Simone (Entr'acte 20 ans, 1996), A Colecção Ormsson (1997), Arquivos (1993), 336 Rios (1998), Personagem e Intérprete (1998), LM 44 / EB61 (1995), Pés-de-Galinha (1994), R. (2001) and Kitsune (the Fox's Spirit - 2000). Comentaries and depositions in off by Andrew Renton, Guy Brett, Jenni Lomax, Marc Gisbourne, Pedro Lapa, João Fernandes, Isabel Carlos and of the artist himself.

Saturday 31st
Sundays, 5 pm
Meeting Paula Rego
The South Bank Show: Paula Rego
by Melissa Raimes
UK, 1992, 54' min.

In 1990 Paula Rego became the first Associated Artist of the National Gallery. This documentary film offers an approach to her work up until then, with commentaries from Paula Rego herself and art critics such as John McEwen, Ruth Rosengarten and Germaine Greer.
Featuring footage from the artist in her studio, the London Slade School in the 60's, and several locations in Portugal, where she was born and often returns to, the film allows a new and insightful approach to some of the crucial aspects of her life and work.

Paula Rego